Risk Of Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller

Admin | 19 Sep, 2020

Risk Of Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller

Risk Of Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller

Do you know that there are several risks involved in buying a used car from a private seller? Whenever it comes to buying a used car, most of us resort to a private seller or the seller himself directly. While most of us do the local research and seller verification by checking the car papers and registration details etc, many times we settle for a deal that could have been even better. From undisclosed issues to over-priced models and unfair deals – there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you buy a used car privately. 

On the other hand, if you buy a car from a verified dealer, no matter whether it is a new one or used one, you get to enjoy a lot of benefits. Insurance, financial planning, choosing the right model as per your requirements and getting access to the best deals – a dealer can help you in many ways. What makes a dealer-based car buying way better than private buying is that all the pros and cons of a car are already known and you don’t fall prey to fraudulent deals. Further, a dealer helps you close the deal such that both the parties don’t have to suffer any loss. 

In the following post, we will be discussing the risks of buying a car from a private seller. So, read it carefully if you are planning to buy a used car privately.

Private Seller Risks

Here we are going to introduce some of the risks associated with buying a used car from the private party:-

  • Consumer rights are always at risk

If you buy a used car privately, your rights as a consumer are always at risk. Your right to information is one of the most affected ones, as the seller might resort to not telling you everything about the vehicle. Similarly you cannot be assured about the registration and other details of the vehicle. Many times people end-up buying a vehicle that is stolen or been in an accident. For the seller as well, any buyer can quote a price that might be too low for their car model.

On the other hand, buying a used car from a verified dealer comes with the assurance of quality and good pricing. A dealer not only helps you to finalize the right price for your vehicle but also makes sure to cross-check all the claims made by the seller.

Know more about the Documents Required For Selling Your Car

  • More Effort

Buying a car from a verified dealer comes with far less effort as compared to buying it privately. Selling and buying cars via some dealership saves effort, time and money for both, the seller and the buyer. The sellers have to simply register themselves and submit their vehicle information to let the buyers approach them. The buyers simply have to visit the dealers and check the collection of the car models. 

  • Extensive Paperwork

While the sellers and buyers meeting privately might not be able to verify and finalize all the documentation related to the vehicle being sold, a dealer can effectively mediate in this matter. The dealers can cross-check the vehicle papers and all the sellers have to do is, transfer the vehicle to their name.

  • Difficult Negotiations

Negotiations between a seller and buyer can go bad sometimes; especially if there is no middleman to tackle both the parties. While the seller might be quoting the right price, the seller always doubts him for that. On the other hand, the buyer might believe a private seller is selling them a verified vehicle; it might be stolen or fraudulent. 

Alternate Methods For Buying A Car

Actually there are plenty of options available for buying a used car. You can buy a used car from anywhere you like. Some common car buying trends are listed below ;

  • Online Ads

There are many websites such as Quikr and OLX, where you can buy your car easily. However, you have to be patient so that you can find the right deal for you. Further, all the documentation and verification process are left over to you. So, you have to be on your toes to sell a car online!

  • Car Exchange

Many companies launch the exchange schemes for their customers, in which old products can be exchanged with new ones, by paying an extra amount. In the case of cars, this additional amount depends on the condition of the car, which is evaluated by the company representatives. So, you can also go for a car exchange.

  • Direct From Owner

Buying a car from the owner is a time consuming process. Here there are chances for landing a best deal because there won’t be a middleman. It’ s advisable to accompany a mechanic or someone with great knowledge in cars with you else you regret it later.

  • Used Car Dealers

If you are looking for a reliable platform for buying your car, you can look for some reputed used car dealers, such as Indus Used Cars. Here, you can find a unique online portal to buy and sell used cars at prices and conditions that are favourable for both, the sellers and buyers. 

They will have pre inspected cars which will be free from common mechanical problems and you also get the proper documentation of the car. So less tension afterwards.

Why Buying Used Cars Through Indus Is The Best Choice?

Indus Used Cars is a reliable name in the automobile industry for decades now. Indus Motors has been awarded as the No. 1 Maruti Dealer in India for the thirteenth time in a row and has now become synonymous to trustworthy in the automobile industry.

What makes us the best used car dealer?

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What makes us the best choice for sellers?

  • Hassle-free registration 
  • Right pricing
  • Genuine buyers from your location directly approaching you
  • No middle-man profits
  • Better negotiations

What makes us the best choice for buyers?

  • Ease of buying the car of your choice from a large number of options to choose from
  • Direct contact with sellers without any middle-man profits
  • No need to manually search the locally available cars
  • 100% verified and registered vehicles for sale
  • Less documentation 
  • Genuinely priced models that are affordable 

Indus Used Cars is one of the very first online portals to buy and sell used cars of any type and any model without any hassle. Regional showrooms also allow the buyers to physically check the car models and then finalize the purchase. The website also comes with smart online tools, such as locate dealers, sell your car and check car values that make your purchase easy. 

Now, you know the risks you may face when buying a used car from a private seller. So think well and choose the best used car dealers like IndusUsedCars to make your second hand car dealing transparent and budget-friendly.